A Good Heart Gone Bad

Its Always Something!!

datetime=”2013-04-22T03:01:31+00:00″>me=”2013-04-17T09:2;Went into the city today..not for fun. Easter Sunday I got diagnosed with pneumonia…that was fun! Not…lol.. So today was a recheck with my family doctor…hes only been my doctor for 20 plus years which tells u he has the patience of a saint with me as a patient. He wanted to admit me to the hospital but…I’m better then Sunday not by much but enough I talked him into letting me come home…I go back on Monday to recheck…if I’m not doing any better then I’ll b admitted to the hospital. In the meantime…ive been looking for another dog. We have an 11 year old bassett hound. Last fall his girlfriend daisy passed away…hes lost without a playmate…I’m guess I’m boring to him…so I’m looking at rescue groups to see what small dogs are available…id like a daschaund ….. we’ll see what I find. Did I mention we have a mean grey & white cat named Tattles .. we also have an African grey parrot named chaos…chaos doesn’t like girls & Tattles doesn’t like anyone! Shes a one person cat…mine! So our house has always had animals and Leo really needs a new friend so I’ll see what I find… so my health is dogs got the blues..& ive got laundry & dishes waiting…see? Its always something…but… God is in heaven..the sun came kids & grandkids are well…so life’s good as always!! Sara ūüėČ



I’ve been nauseated for the past week.. No I’m not sick… pregnant.. or anything… ¬†just all of a sudden my stomach is queasy and next thing I know I’ve got dry heaves.. ¬†and soon it goes away… only to come back later… so.. I’m hoping whatever this is it goes away… it’s driving me nuts!! ¬†LoL. ¬†Ok… I know I already am nuts.. LoL. I hadn’t weighed myself so I did so today… ¬†I’ve lost 18 pounds!! ¬†I can’t believe it!! ¬†I know I had water weight gain but 18 pounds??? ¬†That’s a lot!! ¬†I’m happy and am now wondering when this will end… we’ll just have to wait and see.. ¬†take care..

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anxious day today….

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow with my lung doctor … I’m nervous about that.. and it’s just played into the day I’ve had… I’m losing weight still… My daughter’s worried about that.. she says even ¬† water loss it can’t be good to to lose 16 pounds in less than a week.. ¬†she thinks that may be just as hard on my heart … ¬†but I’ll find out tomorrow.. plus we’ve had snow and there’s more predicted for tomorrow.. ¬†I’m not driving .. I’ve set up transportation… even still 2 lane country roads that are hilly are a chore when there’s snow.. ¬†it drifts bad here as well.. so.. I’m wishing I could stay home.. but.. it’s not possible.. so.. That’s my day… nerves… LoL. Good night..

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*¬į*Happy Valentine’s Day *¬į*

When I think of Love.. I remember what a young friend taught me… ¬†My friend was excited for school to start after summer break because he was going to see.. Emily.. ¬†Before break Emily asked if he and her could be boyfriend and girlfriend.. ¬†He told her .. he would need to ask Mom and Dad.. ¬†Which he did.. and was told when he was old enough Emily could be his girlfriend… ¬†so.. he and Emily stayed friends waiting to be boyfriend and girlfriend.. but.. That’s not the story.. the story is after his first day back he came home full of news.. he saw Emily and she had gotten her hair cut.. I asked him if he liked her hair cut.. ¬†He replied… It’s Emily!! ¬† ¬†LoL. ¬†Silly me… it didn’t matter.. she ¬†was Emily.. ¬†his future girlfriend… ¬† I hope everyone gets to experience that kind of love.. it’s very special… I’m 60 years old and haven’t had that kind of love… I hope you have! ¬†Hugs…

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Porches…. best thing ever!

When I was little our front porch ad a swing and nothing else.. why? ¬†Because if there was anything else out there where would we play? ¬†Rainy days were porch days.. ¬†the boys with cars and trucks.. US girls with our Jack’s.. I tried to teach my granddaughters how to play .. but.. they didn’t take to it… maybe be cause no one else they know played Jack’s.. but in my day.. we all did.. half moons.. around the world.. pigs in the pen.. pigs over the pen.. we had our rubber ball …. we also had our special ball.. it was a golf ball.. if you were a serious Jack player you knew golf were better they went higher.. they were heavier so you had more control over them.. and if you were lucky you had a floater.. ¬†an unsinkable ball!! ¬†Our dad played golf .. if you went with him you got the chance to search the brush for list balls.. then you could clean them and most of the time we gave them to dad because balls were expensive.. ¬†but one time when I went with dad I found a ball with all kinds of mud on it.. so I kept it… when I cleaned it up.. I found out I had indeed found a floater!! ¬†The most expensive golf ball made! ¬†Luckily dad said I could keep it.. so.. I had a prize from my day with dad at the golf course.. but also the envy of my sister’s and friends.. Porches were the best at grandma’s house she had a lounger a swing chairs and a hammock.. grandpa lived naps in the hammock.. he learned a while ago though the hammock had to be on the far side of pitch around the corner… otherwise the neighbors kept grandpa from his nap by stopping to say hello.. but.. he loved hiding in his corner on a hot or rainy day and listening to the birds or chatter of people walking by… all of us grandkids did too.. it was a wonderful hiding spot… ¬†when someone mentions a porch that’s the picture I get.. one porch with only a swing but kids galore and another with plenty of seating… ¬†picture perfect and a hiding spot with an old man smiling in his hammock.. ¬†porches are so much better than decks hidden in the backyard.. behind a fence.. with no view of your neighborhood or neighbors or your day passing before you… ¬†Good night..

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Describe Heaven….

Flipping through channels on television I caught part of a conversation and stopped to listen.. ¬†A psychic was asked DO you believe in aliens.. psychic said yes.. then they were asked.. if you speak to people from the other side .. what’s heaven like? ¬†I liked the answer a lot.. ¬†the psychic said … how do you describe a new color that’s never been seen before? ¬†It’s the same for Heaven.. it’s so different from what we know there is no frame o f reference.. he knows it’s there.. he knows it’s wonderful beyond belief.. and it’s transforming… I sat there.. thought about what he said.. it made sense to me… it also gave me comfort about what will become of me.. ¬†there’s a place for me beyond words.. ¬†I like that.. ¬†in our life each one of us should have a place so wonderful there are no words to describe it.. ¬†until later… Hugs!

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insurance companies….. don’t get me started..

I have had COPD for over 10 years.. ¬†I’ve lived so long because my doctors have given me excellent care… they have also prescribed the right medications.. some medications for whatever reason had been changed.. but in the past few years they’ve been stable.. ¬†so.. I was surprised today in getting my mail caught up I have 3 notices that certain medications due to new formulations are no longer covered and I should have my doctor change my prescriptions.. ¬†I’m ready to blow… these aren’t simple meds no these are the big ones.. ¬†what’s so bad is that these medications don’t have a similar medication. ¬†Example.. ¬†My Spiriva inhaler… it’s one of a kind.. made especially for people with COPD.. My rescue inhaler was changed a few years ago as my condition worsened…. it’s been changed 3 times over the years.. My insurance company wants me to use the first one ever prescribed.. My condition has worsened which is why it was changed.. so.. now I have to appeal their decision to keep my medication.. and on top of that I have to ask my doctor to get involved writing a letter as to why I need this… I’m so upset.. ¬†I’m ready to go back to my previous insurance company.. ¬†they were quiet.. they may not have had transportation but I had my medicine.. ¬†right now I think my medication is more important.. Have a good night..

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I’m home…. I weighed myself… and..

Fat girls should ¬†not have to weigh themselves daily.. ¬†LOL. Enough said on that.. LoL. ¬†I did weigh myself this morning… then wrote it down… one problem.. nobody told me what I weighed yesterday to know how many pills to take today.. so I took one.. I can tell you now ¬†tomorrow will be a 2 pill day.. I’m retaining fluids that I shouldn’t.. ¬†I looked up a few things online for congested heart failure.. ¬†from what I know of me.. ¬†My ¬†heart’s weakening so it’s not pumping blood properly and water is building up in my legs and lungs.. which can lead to heart failure or a heart attack… either way.. I’ve got to be more careful.. ¬†which leads me to.. I’ve avoided scales my whole life.. now I’ve got to use one daily …. I must also write it down!! ¬†I must’ve angered God for this … or….his sense of humor is showing again… LoL. Whichever it is… I’ll be doing it… LoL.. Good night..((Hugs))

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I’m home!!!! :D

I’m home… I do have some blockage but.. not enough to worry about.. the low dose aspirin and cholesterol medication will take care of it.. ¬†I do need to weigh my self daily now to keep water from building up in my system… ¬†it builds up around my heart and that fluid gets into my lungs … so.. I’m to monitor it very cautiously… ¬†and write it down.. as well as my medication adjustment so the Dr can review it when he sees me in one week… ¬†so.. Thank you ¬†for your best wishes and prayer… I believe in both.. ((Hugs))

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I’m waiting……..

After my stress test and x-ray photos… I’ve been waiting all day for results..if good news.. I’m home tomorrow with changes to my medicine.. ¬†one thing though… ¬†nobody has seen me walk any distance…. That’s when my oxygen really drops…I walk 100 feet to my bedroom and bathroom from my family room… I’ve not walked more than 20 feet here ¬†at the hospital.. ¬†and my water pill is going to be upped….. how am I to get there as often as I need ? ¬†I’m worried… No one is listening.. No one is pushing me… oh well you rest until you feel better… as you get to feeling better you’ll be more active… ¬†That’s my nurses answer..hopefully the doctor has answers or I just walk until I think he pays attention.. someone needs to hear me… I’ll talk with you after I see my doctor… Thank you!!

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heart trouble in February….?

It seems my heart has retained so much fluid it’s backing up into my lungs giving me my shortness of breath.. ¬†so.. it also seems I may have some blockage in an artery.. so.. ¬†today an echocardiogram was done… ¬†tomorrow we’re doing a stress test then on Monday we make decisions.. ¬†the next few days will be interesting… ¬†I already take low dose aspirin and cholesterol medicine for a blockage in an artery in the middle of my chest…. ¬†we found it doing a chest x-ray over 3 years ago.. ¬†we’ve also did Doppler tests to check that it had plenty of blood flow… ¬†but the Dr says reason I am ¬†short of breath is my heart.. so.. I’ll keep you posted… ¬†((Hugs))


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